Relief actions for people on the run: In Šid, Subotica, Belgrade, Idomeni und Northern France. Moreover documentation of police violence against refugees at the serbo-croatian border.
Rigardu is moving on: bye bye Šid – hello again, Subotica!

Since mid-April 2017, we of Rigardu are working in Šid on the Serbo-Croatian Border. The reason for our move to Šid (from Subotica, where we were active before) was the increasing distress of refugees, which sleep unsheltered in the fields around the city and scarcely receive any stateside aid. Furthermore, the camp in Subotica had […]

Story of the dead body

Note by Felix: This guest post was written by a man who is currently stuck Šid and has been trying for a longer time to continue his journey to Europe. As he fears danger for his family, he wants to keep his real identity secret. I had already met him in June and now, during […]

As borders remain closed, lack of perspective increases

This August, Katrin and Max joined Rigardu’s project on site in Šid, Serbia. Here we organize mobile showers, the distribution of drinking water and cooperate with other NGOs that provide food and medical care. Serbia it is then. A friend had told us about Rigardu and their activities in Serbia and, without too much pondering, […]