Relief actions for people on the run: In Šid, Subotica, Belgrade, Idomeni und Northern France. Moreover documentation of police violence against refugees at the serbo-croatian border.



Rigardu – For people on the run


Political education and public relations work, border violence monitoring at EU borders and humanitarian projects for people on the run.

Criticism role play – an open letter

The political education working group regularly conducts workshops and educational days at schools on the subject of flight and asylum. We obtain our materials from educational offers and institutions of political education, but also from state institutions such as the German Liaison Office of the European Parliament. The office has published role plays on five issues, […]

What happened the last months – an Update

We have not had a project in Serbia or anywhere else in the Western Balkans for about 10 months now. After handing over the shower system and the distribution of non-food items (NFIs) to Escuela con Alma in July 2018, we took a break during the summer and watched the situation develop. Change of situation […]

Surviving and Living on the Hungarian border: illegal deportations and perseverance in extreme cold weather

Rigardu e.V. was active for almost 1.5 years in Subotica and at times Šid on the Serbian-Hungarian or Serbian-Croatian border. In July 2018, we handed over the shower system that we set up there and the distribution of so-called non-food items (NFIs) to the Spanish organization Escuela con Alma. Even though we are not active […]