Relief actions for people on the run: In Šid, Subotica, Belgrade, Idomeni und Northern France. Moreover documentation of police violence against refugees at the serbo-croatian border.
The EU Comission’s answer

We’re looking back at our approaches to bring Border Violence Monitoring to the European Parliament: In June 2018, a request was submitted by Dietmar Köster (MoP, S&D) in a meeting of the Committee of Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament. Köster questioned the role of Frontex in the context of human rights violations at the […]

No exception

We met Bashir in Bihać and he asked us to publish this video on our blog together with the report. The unconscious young man is recovering by now. The violence by the Croatian police is not an isolated case, but a systematic method of deterrence, which not only violates laws, but is also inhumane. The […]

There’s a directive on violence against refugees

On www.borderviolence.eu Rigardu documents illegal deportations and police violence against refugees at the EU’s external borders in more than 200 cases. I am firmly convinced that the perpetrators in Croatia are not unprofessional, violent policemen. Instead, it is obviously an instruction within the Croatian police to use violence as a deterrent. I have collected some […]