Relief actions for people on the run: In Šid, Subotica, Belgrade, Idomeni und Northern France. Moreover documentation of police violence against refugees at the serbo-croatian border.



Rigardu – For people on the run


Political education and public relations work, border violence monitoring at EU borders and humanitarian projects for people on the run.

What happened the last months – an Update

We have not had a project in Serbia or anywhere else in the Western Balkans for about 10 months now. After handing over the shower system and the distribution of non-food items (NFIs) to Escuela con Alma in July 2018, we took a break during the summer and watched the situation develop. Change of situation […]

Surviving and Living on the Hungarian border: illegal deportations and perseverance in extreme cold weather

Rigardu e.V. was active for almost 1.5 years in Subotica and at times Šid on the Serbian-Hungarian or Serbian-Croatian border. In July 2018, we handed over the shower system that we set up there and the distribution of so-called non-food items (NFIs) to the Spanish organization Escuela con Alma. Even though we are not active […]

Transport of donations Calais, December 2018

After spending the summer in Thessaloniki to distribute previously collected donations for food and hygiene packages, I wanted to provide humanitarian aid for refugees back in Germany during the semester. From there on the idea developed to organize a donation transport to Calais. There are currently about 1.000 to 1.200 fugitives in the Calais-Dunkirchen region. […]