Relief actions for people on the run: In Šid, Subotica, Belgrade, Idomeni und Northern France. Moreover documentation of police violence against refugees at the serbo-croatian border.
There’s a directive on violence against refugees

On www.borderviolence.eu Rigardu documents illegal deportations and police violence against refugees at the EU’s external borders in more than 200 cases. I am firmly convinced that the perpetrators in Croatia are not unprofessional, violent policemen. Instead, it is obviously an instruction within the Croatian police to use violence as a deterrent. I have collected some […]

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We are handing over our project in Serbia

Rigardu is no longer needed in Serbia, and so we have decided to end our humanitarian project in Subotica. The suitcases are already packed, the flat emptied and the transporter with some last volunteers and equipment on the way to Germany. We have now been active in Serbia since March 2017 and have concentrated in […]

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Action – Reaction – Effect

Action – Reaction – Effect… This is our hope for our commitment to the “Border Violence” project. Since the spring of 2017, we have been trying to document as many cases of human rights violations at the EU’s external borders as possible. Interviews with victims of police violence, photos of the resulting injuries and audio […]

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