We met Bashir in Bihać and he asked us to publish this video on our blog together with the report. The unconscious young man is recovering by now.

The violence by the Croatian police is not an isolated case, but a systematic method of deterrence, which not only violates laws, but is also inhumane. The systematic use of violence is documented on www.borderviolence.eu.

The last years have shown: Militarization does not prevent people from fleeing. Instead, fleeing becomes more dangerous and inhuman.


Original report:

„We were refugees walking from the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia. The Croatian police arrested us after two days in the jungle on 26/09/2018 at 02:30 am in Prijeboj. They beat two of my friends severely. The police broke one of my friends hand, he is from Palestine and damaged one teeth of my friend from Sudanese descent. Then they took us all inside a closed police car in a horrible way, it was very difficult for us to breath in there. After half an hour they stopped and searched all of us. Suddenly my friend from Myanmar got an acute nervous attack, his blood pressure raised up, his feet and hands were very cold. We hit the walls to make the police van stop until they checked the condition of our friend and then drove on. Only 30 minutes later by the time we reached the police station our friend already lost his consciousness as if he had died, holding on to his heart, like it was burning. His heart was so weak and sometimes he cried. The police didn’t help my friend ever. Just me and two friends helped.

At the police station we waited another 20 minutes for the doctor, finally he arrived and ordered his fast transfer to the hospital. Afterwards we all were driven to Bosnian forest, where they dropped us off.“


Written by Bashir

Video edited by Tobi

Introduction written by Martin

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